'Google.com' versus 'Hoehel.he'

Hoehel meugt nie mi bestoan volgens den meel ier vanoender van 't Google Trademark Enforcement Team.
Moa... w'en chanse da we gin Ingels verstoan. Doarom, ewe die dutsers nen west-vloamsche versie van dien mail gevroagd.

Moa, na tefrente moanden ewe wieder nog assen gin antwoord gekreg'n van de Google.
En volgens de informatje van uze bezoekers zien parodieŽn in BelhiŽ vriegesteld van claims. Pertank zien der al wa andere Vlamsche paradoiŽn verdwenen.
Maar deur die vele geestige emails van junder, bluft Hoehel deurgoan !

Alť, Google.com: 't is moar e kluchtje, wi, Pol !

Merci voa de vele steun !

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"June 15, 2004

Re: Infringement of Google's trademark rights on http://www.hoehel.be/ (Our ref.: 1.3249)

Dear Sir or Madam:

You no doubt are aware of Google's award-winning search services, available at http://www.google.com. Since its inception in 1997, the Google search services have become one of the most highly-recognized and widely-used in the world.

Google has developed a distinctive layout and design for its Google website. Over the years since its inception, Google has invested considerable time and money establishing exclusive rights in this layout and design. By virtue of these efforts, the layout and design of Google's website are recognized by visitors as originating with Google. Google aggressively protects and polices its intellectual property rights, including the various trademark and service marks used for its search services and related goods and services, the distinctive trade dress used to present its services to Internet users, and the copyrighted material on its website.

We have recently become aware of your website at http://www.hoehel.be/ (the "Website"). The trade dress (i.e., the overall look and feel) of the Website bears a striking resemblance to Google's website. Specifically, the colors, fonts and layout of the home page and the search results pages are very similar to the Google website.

Google's distinctive trade dress and copyrighted materials are proprietary to Google, and have come to be associated by the public with Google and its services. Your use of those elements in the Website is likely to cause confusion as to affiliation, sponsorship, or association between Google's services and the Website and is also likely to dilute the value of Google's marks.

We ask that you alter your site to remove those elements that copy Google's trademarks, copyrights and trade dress. We would be happy to review any proposed changes to your website to determine whether there would be any substantial similarity or likelihood of confusion with Google's site. Given the seriousness of this matter, we would appreciate receiving your response to this letter within 7 days.


The Google Trademark Enforcement Team"

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